Eventail Screenshot on iPhoneX


The most compact calendar widget for the iPhone, now free.

Eventail is a Today widget extension for the iPhone. It displays your upcoming events and reminders in a compact way that allows you to review your upcoming schedule at a glance. Eventail leaves enough space around for other important widgets.

New version brings a ton of fixes and performance improvements. Check out what is new in the version 2.1

Glance over your schedule

Screenshot showing 5 days

Display events from up to seven days in advance. Optionally hide days on which you have no plans.

Dig into the details

Screenshot showing a single day

See the details of all events in a given day with a simple tap.

Eventail is 100% private

Your data is not our business. It is never stored on my servers and as a matter of fact, I do not have any.

Eventail takes 15 seconds to set up

Eventail accesses your iPhone calendar directly. And the set up tutorial fits into three images. You do not have to create any new accounts.


  • Display three to seven days of events in advance.
  • Display reminders that have due dates set.
  • Tap on a day to display its detailed view.
  • Linked to your iPhone or iPad calendar, no passwords are necessary.
  • Choose between system or condensed fonts and three different sizes for each.
  • Accessibility text size support
  • Choose whether to show or hide days without events.
  • Days which span several days have indicators.
  • Light and dark themes.

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